Singing at The Union Chapel

Last friday was a really amazing experience for me as a singer. I’d been pretty nervous as i had a bad cold and felt under rehearsed but thankfully i didn’t forget the lyrics nor lose my voice. In the sound check i had stayed very still and wondered whether without a guitar i would manage to make the most of the novelty of being able to dance around if i wanted to but everyone played with such gusto that i couldn’t help myself dancing. Well, it was more of a jerky slightly mis-timed movement but very heart felt!

I’ve never sung anywhere so beautiful and churches really are meant for exultant singing. Looking around seeing the huge stained glass windows, the shafts of light coming on to the stage and the sound of all the music and singing behind me was like nothing i’ve ever done before. I am hugely grateful to Emily Barker for being unable to sing the song herself!

I got sent the picture below but there will hopefully be a few more pro looking ones soon. Said jerky movements can be seen in the shot!