T-Shirt as Album

Digital Music News is running a story today about how Mos Def has released a music-tee. The T-shirt has album art work on the front with track listings on the back and comes with a redemption code for a free download of the album. It has been approved as an album release so numbers sold go towards the album charts but more interestingly in terms of A-Line it’s really making me think about what we should do with the recordings we are in the middle of now.

We were aiming at making an EP but then Galia from Psapp made me think this was a waste of time as EP’s don’t get reviewed nor stocked in shops very easily and if we’re going to go to all the effort then we might as well make an album. However, in terms of radio play it’s all about singles so should we make another 7″ first? But it’s expensive to press vinyl… so maybe we should do something like the t-shirt? Buy a badge for £2 and you get the single free… or something ephemeral like a cake would be fun if a bit girly.